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The Healthy Perks of Exercising 30 Minutes Per Day


In addition to temporarily losing a few pounds, starting and maintaining a regular exercise routine can be an effective way to ward off certain physical and mental issues. Just 30 minutes a day spent being physically active can bring about impressive results within a relatively short amount of time.

Losing weight may be the most popular reason many people begin an exercise regimen. Depending on a person’s weight and the intensity of the workout, approximately 90 to 360 calories can be burned in a single 30-minute workout. At half an hour a day, 5 times a week, the pounds can begin to melt away surprisingly quickly.

Exercising to prevent heart and cardiovascular disease is an excellent way to be proactive about personal health. Walking, running or doing a moderately intense workout for 30 minutes strengthens the heart muscle, lowering the risk of getting heart disease by nearly two times. Regularly exercising also raises HDL levels, the ‘good’ cholesterol, and lowers LDL levels, the ‘bad’ cholesterol. This can lower blood pressure, decreasing the risk of developing cardiovascular disease.

A 30 minute per day workout schedule can help to regulate your blood sugar and burn body fat, leading to a decreased chance of developing type 2 diabetes. If type 2 diabetes is already an issue, exercising can help keep the important blood glucose levels in the safe range.

Symptoms of depression and anxiety can ease during and after physical exercise. The body releases endorphins, a ‘feel-good’ chemical while exercising. Another positive aspect of having a regular exercise routine is that it’s something that can be started right away, without the need to make an appointment or drastically alter a day’s schedule. Just a 30-minute walk during lunch hour or after work can have a considerable healthy effect on the body and mind.


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Purple Grease Wipes Product Demo

Body Wipe Company, Co-Founder-Jim Bahcall, demonstrates the company’s newest personal care wipe product: Purple Grease Wipes. Purple Grease Wipes are pre-moistened grease-cutting towelettes that are designed to lift away tar, adhesives, wax, ink, paint and lubricants from your hands. The wipes are formulated with natural oils and an emollient that is safe for hands and skin; and will not cause drying. The non-scratching towel is abrasive on one side and smooth on the other side.

Purple Grease Wipes contain a citrus scent that dissipates when your skin dries!

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New Purple Grease Wipe Product Release!


We are happy to announce the release of our new Purple Grease Wipe Product! Purple Grease Wipes™ are pre-moistened grease-cutting towelettes that are designed to lift away tar, adhesives, wax, ink, paint and lubricants from your hands. The wipes are formulated with natural oils and an emollient that is safe for hands and skin, and will not cause drying, unlike similar products. The non-scratching towel is abrasive on one side and smooth on the other side. Purple Grease Wipes™ contain a citrus scent that dissipates when skin dries.


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Outdoor Winter Activities To Keep Your Heart Healthy


In northern climates, winter is the pitfall of many people who would rather seek comfort indoors. Countless people become sedentary in the winter, but this isn’t the best choice for wellness. According to a health article, regular exercise provides benefits to the heart and the whole body (Kemi & Wisloff, 2010). The good news is that there are many activities you can do during the chilly season. By trying any of the options below, you’ll be on your way to a healthier heart, and hopefully, a new-found appreciation for the winter! Just make sure to check with a physician before starting any new exercise program to ensure it is suitable for you.


This is a simple, cost-effective, and less strenuous form of exercise that works many muscles in the body. If you want more of a workout, choose a path that has more hills. Also, be sure to dress appropriately in cold temperatures as doing so will allow you to walk for longer; during icy conditions, consider using boots with proper grips. Another good idea is to bring hot chocolate and a friend with you. By talking to someone while you walk, you can make the activity much more enjoyable.


Another classic form of winter exercise is snowshoeing. Besides your regular winter attire, you’ll need a good pair of boots and of course, snowshoes. With this activity, you can walk at your own pace with or without the aid of poles, but the gear gives you more of a workout than regular walking would. Snowshoes require you to lift your legs higher with each step, which will make your heart beat faster. Look forward to fresh air and wonderfully-worked muscles!

Cross-country Skiing:

Popular among Scandinavian countries, cross-country skiing is fun and strenuous at the same time. The equipment is generally costlier than the gear used in snowshoeing, but it usually isn’t hard to find items on sale or for rent. Before trying this sport, it is recommended that you watch a video that offers tips and advice. You can also find someone who knows the sport to teach you. Who knows, you may really learn to enjoy cross-country skiing!

Downhill Skiing/Snowboarding:

For the more adventurous, downhill skiing or snowboarding can give thrill-seekers something to talk about. As with cross-country skiing, you’ll need to purchase or rent equipment, as well as take lessons if you’ve never tried downhill sports before. The good news is that most ski hills have shorter, less steep hills to learn on, and more challenging ones for when you’re ready. You can choose a hill suitable for your skill level; this way, you’ll be certain to find enjoyment.

As you can see, there are a variety of outdoor winter activities. Find something that matches your interests and fitness level and go for it. Make winter a season you live for!


Kemi, O. J. & Wisloff, U. (2010). High-intensity aerobic exercise training improves the heart in health and disease. Journal of Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation and Prevention, 30(1), 2-11.


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Tips To Help Enhance Your Winter Workouts

As for many of us across the country, when the cold weather hits, our workouts are moved indoors. Unfortunately, some fitness routines that are fun outdoors are just not the same when brought indoors. This can be especially true with running or biking. Running on a treadmill doesn’t compare to being outside on the roads or trails. It has been said that riding on a stationary bike confirms the concept of “hurry up and wait”! The good news is that working out indoors can have its advantages: climate control, entertainment availability and exercise variety. The indoor climate has no wind and the temperature is a non-factor. The entertainment from watching television during your workout can greatly help to reduce the boredom factor. Reading a book or magazine on the bike or stair master can be another workout boredom reduction aid. Probably the most important aspect to enhancing your indoor winter workout is the variety of fitness activities available. If you exercise at a health club, you can mix up your workout routine with running, biking, elliptical, etc. Including weight training and exercise classes, such as yoga and Pilates, can help improve your overall fitness during the winter season. Lastly, actually getting back outdoors to ski, snowshoe and/or ice-skate will not only help to balance your indoor fitness activities, but they will keep your passion for fitness “hot” over the “cold” winter months.

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6 Tips On Fitting Exercise Into Your Day

Living a busy life is not unusual for most people. Often it’s our busy life that we use as an excuse for not scheduling enough exercise into our day. While it may not be possible to find a couple of extra hours in your day to get fit, it does not have to prevent you from getting any exercise. Here are 6 ways to work some exercise into your hectic schedule.

  1. Wake Up Earlier

Waking up early to exercise might seem like an insurmountable task! But, if   you start gradually by waking up five to fifteen minutes earlier than normal to exercise, it soon will become apart of your daily routine.

  1. Use You Lunch Hour

Exercising during your lunch hour can be a perfect time for those of you that waking up earlier just doesn’t work! You can take a quick walk or bike ride. You can even walk to and from your lunch destination, or eat while working and devote your entire break to fitness.

  1. Park Farther Away

Instead of spending that extra five minutes driving around a parking lot looking for a close spot, park farther away. Use this added five minutes to walk. The health benefits from adding a few extra steps in your daily life can be significant!

  1. Ride Your Bike

Riding your bike to work or for local errands is a great way to go green, save money and get fit all in at once.

  1. Take The Stairs

If you work in a large office building with multiple floors, taking the stairs can be an easy way to add more exercise into your day.

  1. Exercise with your kids

If you generally sit and read or are on your phone when you take your kids to the park, you are missing out on an exercise opportunity. Instead of sitting while your children are playing, join them! Play tag, run around or swing with them for example.