Body Wipes for the Cyclist

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Cleansing Wipes for the Cyclist

Whether you commute to work by bike or enjoy challenging bike trails on the weekends, it is inevitable that your ride will sometimes leave you a little sweaty and ready to jump into the shower.

No time or opportunity? No problem!

Try a specially formulated Body wipe for cyclists, Paper Shower –Fresh. It will leave you clean and dry and ready to get on with your day.

Paper shower –Fresh is a unique body wipe system with two components.

The first is an extra large body wipe which is saturated with a specially formulated water-base solution with a low alcohol content so it will not dry out your skin, it is not your average wet wipe! The second component is a dry towelette which allows you to remove any excess moisture.

They are conveniently packaged together and are small and light enough to carry in the back pocket of your riding shirt or bike pack.

Paper Shower-Fresh body wipes will ensure that you leave the dirt of the bike trail and sweat behind.